Patient Testimonials

  • Johanna, Thank you for your professionalism, your manners, and your kindness, My mom told me how you helped her the other day. You went way beyond the call of duty to make sure she is taking care of. I told Ben and Carina how lucky they are to have you. Their answer was "Yes we know, yes we know."

    - Gloria G.
  • Carina’s evaluation and plan of treatment were comprehensive and extremely effective. I was practically a cripple when Paulo started working on me, and within a very short time, I felt stronger than I had in years. I am now back after a second surgery, and I wanted you all to know that these two therapists were the very reason that I came back to ReAction Rehab.

    - Fred E.
  • The staff and therapists at ReAction Rehab are professional, compassionate, friendly, punctual, and helpful. My therapy sessions always helped reduce my pain and further the healing process. The therapists went the extra mile to help me improve and enable me to return to my activities. I also appreciated the helpful tips and printed instructions for me to continue at home and ways to help avoid making my issues worse. I won’t hesitate to return to their care whenever I need PT. My thanks to all of them!

    - Philip A.
  • My experience with ReAction Rehab has been outstanding, and they are by far the best physical therapy facility I have been involved with. I wish to command Paulo and Karen in their expertise in my rehabilitation.

    - Jose S.
  • Carina’s mad skills have helped my knee heal in record time. I am very thankful that she could get me going so quickly. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart.

    - John H.
  • Outstanding service, outstanding knowledge, outstanding people! Carina and Paulo are the best!

    - Khosro S.
  • My doctor wanted to send me elsewhere, but I insisted on ReAction Rehab because of my previous experience with them. I was very impressed by their care and follow-up. - Robert P.
  • Karen, Thank you so much for helping me all those months when I was in so much pain, you are such a great coach. Look at me now; I was able to run today. Yaaa so glad. - Rebeca F.
  • When I needed surgery in December for a torn meniscus I thought my wedding ceremony in February was over. On my first visit, I told Paulo that my goal was to be standing on my feet without anyone’s help for my wedding ceremony in February. He understood my concerns and knew how much this meant to me. Guess what? Not only did I stand on my feet without any help, but I was also able to dance with my bride and lift her up. You can say I did well.

    - Marteen L.
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